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Learn music and dance at one of the leading studios in North Lincolnshire. At our studio, we aim to encourage a widespread love of music and dance, welcoming children and adults who can’t help but feel the rhythm!


The Music & Dance Journey in Kirton-in-Lindsey is the most comprehensive music and dance studio in the North Lincolnshire area. We have classes on offer for students from ages 18 months to 99 (although there’s really no upper age limit – you’re as young as you feel). Our studio is accredited with the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT). To ensure dance classes are suitable for those who attend, we offer a range of options split into age groups for children and different levels of ability for adults. Whether you are aiming for a professional career, looking to stay fit or finally ready to give dance a try, we have a class for you. For music lessons, we offer a range of different instruments and offer comprehensive guidance as to which one may suit you best. The teachers at The Music & Dance Journey have a vast range of experience across disciplines. Our collective approach is to share our love of music and dance while being supportive and encouraging. Enrol for group lessons or book private lessons at a time that suits you.

Everything we do is all about you


Our vision is to create a world where everyone can reach the most suitable destination for their own journey in music or dance. At The Music and Dance Journey, we have witnessed first hand how music and dance can build character, confidence and friendships. Music and dance are incredible tools to teach self-discipline and teamwork. Through our service of teaching music and dance, we strive to provide exceptional coaching and leadership to our students. While striving to instill the importance of etiquette and manners, we also focus on good self-esteem.

Dance Professionals Kirton-In-Lindsey


The Music & Dance Journey team of accredited and friendly music and dance professionals have a range of skills they can share with our students.

Dance Professionals Kirton-In-Lindsey


Debbie began dancing at the age of 3, although initially her Mum was told she was too young – it’s incredible to think that we start children now from the age of 18 months. Debbie took her first professional exams at the age of 16 and continued working until finally gaining the highest accolade of Fellowship. Outside of dance, Debbie loves spending time with her greyhounds Flame and Bliss – who you’ll often see at the studio.
Dance Professionals Kirton-In-Lindsey


Mark started his journey into the world of music at the age of 5, starting first with piano before developing his skills into various other instrument groups. He has been teaching for over 30 years continuing to study the art of teaching. Mark’s aspiration in music is to work towards pupils understanding the links through all of the Arts and Humanities so that they grasp the circumstances of when and where the music was written as much as what kind of an instrument it was written for.
Dance Professionals Kirton-In-Lindsey


Charlotte is our Virtual Assistant (she works away from our premises). She loves to talk to people on the phone to help answer enquiries, make appointments and more.


Experience the magic of movement at our Kirton-in-Lindsey studio. Get started with a free trial lesson today!